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[VIDEO] Random Knife Attack While In Line At Donut Shop At 3pm Will Leave You Thinking About Situational Awareness

Random crimes happen all the time, but this one is rather unique in the fact that it happened in the middle of the afternoon, was unprovoked, and pretty dang random.

The video shows a man at the counter of a donut shop looking to place an order. Another man is lingering around for quite some time, and then he all-of-a-sudden starts stabbing the other man in the back.

Right after being stabbed, the victim is almost like ‘wtf just happened’?

The guy was eventually caught by police, and was just out of his mind it seems, because after this incident he went on down the road and threatened some other people.

The victim was treated for his injuries at the hospital.

Anytime that I’m in a store like this, as an example, I’ll be positioned so that I can see a person such as this. I would have been standing in the way the victim was standing after the attack, so that I could keep an eye on him. Not because I would have necessarily been thinking that he was up to no good, but because I want to be able to see as many people as possible — especially those that are in close proximity to me.

It can be a scary world out there. Make sure you never let your guard down, and keep that situational awareness in the forefront of your mind.

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