Tips For Carrying Concealed On A Motorcycle

When that beautiful weather hits, it’s time to go for a ride.  A lot of motorcyclists are getting onto the roads this summer to soak up good weather and get a breeze going.  Whether it’s time to set off on a long distance ride through the countryside or just a weekend getaway, there’s a few tips to keeping your weapon concealed while you’re on a motorcycle.

Carrying Concealed With A Passenger

So you’ve got a passenger?  Good for you.  When carrying concealed, the principles of firearm safety continue to apply.  That means if you’ve got a shoulder holster and the person behind you is holding on tight, you maybe need to reconsider your carry options.

  • Try a pocket holster for your jacket

Motorcyclists typically try to wear safety gear such as a jacket made out of durable material and a helmet.  Many of those jackets have front pockets where a compact pistol or revolver could be easily stowed.  If this is the course you want to take, it’s recommended you use a pocket holster as well.  The rationale is that a good pocket holster should protect the trigger housing group of the firearm.  This is especially important for riders that carry with a round in the chamber – which isn’t a terrible idea so long as your carry style safely accommodates it.

  • Inside the waistband holsters

Inside the waistband holsters are usually the ideal way to transport a firearm in a concealed manner – but not all are great for motorcycle rides.  In states where “printing” or “showing” can be considered brandishing, it’s generally advisable to ask a friend or relative if they can spot your concealed carry firearm while you’re in the saddle.  If they can’t visibly see the firearm – you’re probably good to go.  For states where it’s fine to either open carry or open carry with a concealed carry permit, it really doesn’t matter as much.  If you do go IWB, make sure the holster you choose has great retention on the weapon – that will help keep it in place if you hit any unexpected bumps along the road.

Riding Solo

There’s nothing wrong with a shoulder holster to hold your concealed carry handgun during a motorcycle ride.  And IWB or OWB could work just fine as well.  When you’re out there on your own or riding in a pack, the biggest considerations are:

  • Muzzle Awareness – is it pointing somewhere it shouldn’t?
  • Retention – is the weapon secure in its holster?
  • Concealment – is it adequately concealed?

If you find a system that works for you while riding your motorcycle – and it follows those previously mentioned ideas – then you’re probably doing just fine.  It’s always advisable for you to keep your firearm on you and not stow it in a saddle bag or other external case.  The rationale is as simple: if you need to bail – where do you want your firearm to go?

Locked Gun Case For Motorcycles

Sometimes you just need to store your firearm!  And for those moments, having a locking case that can be attached to your motorcycle can be handy.  There is still the risk of theft but ultimately, it acts as a temporary lock box to store your firearm.  The biggest drawbacks from this include maintaining custody over the firearm, the key (if applicable) and firearm readiness.  What use is a firearm if it’s not ready?

Have you found any techniques that work well while you’re carrying a concealed firearm on your motorcycle?  Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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