Remington’s New R1 Ultralight Executive 1911 [SHOT Show 2018]

Remington R1 Ultralight Executive .45 ACP 1911 concealed carry pistol

Ruger wasn’t the only gun maker to show off a new officer-sized 1911 pistol at SHOT this year. But in contrast to the 9mm SR1911, Remington’s taken a more traditional — and more refined — approach with their R1 Ultralight Executive pistol.

Big Green equipped their aluminum-framed, .45 ACP Ultralight Executive with a 3.5-inch match grade barrel. It also comes standard with tritium night sights.

The Ultralight Executive has an adjustable trigger (from 3.5 to 5 pounds), G10 grips and front strap checkering for a firm, positive hold on the pistol.

Another welcome feature, one every compact 1911 should have, is the rounded frame and mainspring housing. If you’re going to shoot this pistol at all — and why wouldn’t you? — that rounding means significantly more comfort, especially larger-handed shooters firing big boy .45 rounds.

The R1 Ultralight Executive weighs exactly one-half ounce more than the new 9mm Ruger pistol. And while you give up one round of capacity (the R1 is a 7+1 pistol) you gain an adjustable trigger, match barrel, night sights, checkering and a rounded frame. So while the R1’s $1250 MSRP is $270 more than the Ruger, the R1 more than makes up for the difference in features and build quality.

Now we just need to shoot one.

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