Clerk, Unarmed, Grabs Gun From Robber And Uses It Against Him


GLENPOOL, OK — There’s nothing like having a firearm put in your face when you don’t have any defensive tool with which to respond.

For one Oklahoma clerk, it was entirely too much.

He just had to have that gun.

As News on 6 reports:

Police say it happened at the H&Z Mart at 141st Street South and Highway 75. They say Ezell Brown, 48, entered the store, pointed a gun at the clerk and said he he’d kill him if he didn’t give Brown the money.

The clerk did what he was told. The clerk, Gary Adams, then grabbed the gun and a baseball bat and chased the robber outside, where Adams held him until police arrived.

“I circled, back tracked around him and kept him this way here, and he kept telling me, ‘I’ve got a gun,'” Adams said. “I said, ‘if you pull the gun, I’m gonna shoot you with the gun that I have of yours.”

Police booked Ezell Brown into the Tulsa County jail on multiple complaints including armed robbery.

“Emotions are pretty high right now, thinking of my family I got to go home to my family so a little bit emotions kind of got the better of me but I’m doing OK,” said clerk Gary Adams.

It’s pretty gutsy to make a grab at another man’s gun. I’m elated this man made it out safe, but I’ll warn you: please don’t try this on your own, as satisfying as it might have been to hear a criminal chanting “I’ve got a gun” because he can’t register that you took his gun away.

If you are faced with a situation — just have your own firearm. It’s way nicer.

Stay safe out there, folks.

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