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Good Guy Tries To Intervene During Fight, Pays Ultimate Sacrifice At The Hands Of A Few Thugs

If something is going down in your vicinity, making a decision to involve yourself is something not to be taken lightly. Whatever you’re walking into, you usually don’t know the whole story of what’s actually going on.

In the video below, a fight between a few people breaks out at a gas station parking lot, and one bystander wants to try and break things up so no one gets hurt.

A 16-year-old didn’t appreciate the bystander getting into his business, and he pulled out a gun and shot the man in the chest.

What’s worse; that wasn’t the fatal shot. The fatal shot comes a few seconds later, from another thug, who runs up to the downed victim for the simple reason to shoot him again.

That’s cold, and I could say some things right now, but I’ll bite my tongue.

Watch the video below, and remember your place when encountering third party incidents. Are you going to get involved? Or are you going to get on the phone with 911 and be a good witness?

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