Not April Fools: Man Being Chased By Dinosaurs Is Shot While Trying To Enter Home Of Armed Woman

DELTONA, FLORIDA — If you’re going to be chased by dinosaurs, it’s probably going to happen in Florida while you’re high on bad weed.

32-year-old Joseph Roberts is today’s Florida man, and he was shot by a woman after he broke into her home. The incident happened before 6 am Tuesday morning, and the mother of 3 was terrified of the intruder, but was also armed and prepared to defend her family.

“The woman inside, a 42-year-old mother with several teenagers in the house, called 911, saying, ‘I don’t want to shoot him, but I’m going to have to! Get out of my window! Get out of my window!’”

via fox6now.com

Roberts was shot in the forearm and taken to the hospital.

Home surveillance video shows Roberts running frantically up to the home, and turning around to make sure he wasn’t being chased anymore.

When police found him, he had an explanation for everything.

“He told us that the dinosaurs were chasing him and he thought he got some bad weed,” said Sheriff Mike Chitwood.

Chitwood stated that they would be looking into any options to enhance the charges against Roberts, since the burglary happened during a national emergency.

This mother was armed, called 911, and handled the situation when faced with an unknown person inside her home. Luckily for Roberts, her aim wasn’t as perfect.

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