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Armed Citizen Not Charged After Deadly Self-Defense Shooting On Houston Street; Lawyer

HOUSTON, TEXAS — In downtown Houston, a man involved in a fatal shooting has voluntarily approached the police to explain his actions, his lawyer reports. The incident, which resulted in the death of a 20-year-old, occurred on Austin and Lamar Street. Houston Police released surveillance footage showing an altercation involving the man who was shot, another individual, and two men with a tripod. Following an argument and physical confrontation, one of the men with the tripod shot the victim in what is claimed to be self-defense.

The shooter, who has chosen to remain anonymous, is in his mid-20s and, along with his partner, is an amateur photographer. His attorney, Allison Mathis, contends that they were attacked while taking photos, leading to the tragic incident. According to Mathis, the victim and his group demanded the photographers’ camera and resorted to physical aggression, resulting in the destruction of their equipment and injury to one of the photographers. The shooter fired the gun in what his attorney describes as a necessary act of self-defense.

The released surveillance video shows the shooter and his partner leaving the scene and later returning to drive away in a car. However, Mathis argues that the full footage, which she has seen, provides additional context, showing her client and his partner fleeing further attacks from the victim’s group.

The shooter didn’t immediately contact the police, opting first to seek legal advice. He eventually gave a statement to detectives at Mathis’s office. The man shot, identified as Matthew Harris, was remembered by his family as a respected young man pursuing a music career.

While the Houston Police initially labeled the shooter a suspect, they later clarified he was a person of interest. The case, still under investigation, will be presented to a grand jury. Houston Police Chief Troy Finner assured the public that the incident was isolated, and downtown Houston remains safe. Questions remain about the full release of the surveillance footage and potential charges against the group who was with Harris.

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