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Teen Carjacker Tries To Rob Concealed Carrier, Gets Shot Multiple Times

ANDERSON, INDIANA — A carjacker near Indianapolis learned the hard way that not everyone is waiting to be a victim. The car he chose to prey on was being driven by a concealed carrier. That concealed carrier fought back.

Darrian Parkhurst, 23, of Anderson told police he shot Quentin Steffler, 18, of Anderson in self-defense around 4:09 a.m. Friday, according to Maj. Joel Sandefur with the Anderson Police Department.

Parkhurst told police he shot Steffler multiple times after Steffler tried to rob him while Parkhurst was sitting in his car in the 1500 block of Nichol Avenue, Sandefur said.

Steffler was found in the roadway of Laurel Street, near the 1500 block of Nichol Avenue, with gunshot wounds, Sandefur said. Parkhurst stayed at the scene of the shooting until police arrived, then was taken to the police department for questioning. Police said he was not under arrest.

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The Breakdown:

As the report mentions, Parkhurst found himself at an intersection early Friday Morning. Steffler saw the opportunity to pounce on a idling car while no one else was around. Steffler, armed with a gun, attempted to rob Parkhurst.

However, Parkhurst was not a sitting duck waiting to be a victim. When Steffler tried to rob him, Parkhurst drew his own firearm. Before Steffler could react, Parkhurst got off several rounds, striking his target.

As Steffler lie in the street bleeding, Parkhurst called 911 and waited for police and ambulance to arrive.

Parkhurst cooperated with police and was taken back to the station for questioning. He was later released and is not under arrest. This is being considered, for now, a self defense shooting.

The Bad:

Without being at the scene when these things happen, its always tough to critique someone’s actions; especially since they are life and death decisions. The one question that lingers here is, could Parkhurst have just driven away? Could Parkhurst have avoided shooting anyone if he simply stepped on the gas and sped away from Steffler?

Apparently, Parkhust didn’t think so. It is his right to defend himself and that is what he did. You can’t fault him for that.

The Good:

We may sound like a broken record sometime by saying this, but most importantly Parkhust was armed and ready. When it comes to defending ourselves with a firearm, those are the two most important things. Having a firearm, and being prepared to use it.

Parkhust acted quickly, got his shots off before Steffler could react, and landed several hits on his target. Furthermore, he did not flee the crime scene. He waited for police, and even went back to the station to answer questions. His full cooperation will go a long way in officially clearing his name in any wrongdoing.

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