Florida Halts Processing Of Concealed Carry Permits

As offices continue to close all over the Country, it seems that nothing is safe from Coronavirus. Florida has closed the office that handles the fingerprinting process for new concealed carry permit applicants. And if that office is closed, no one can apply to obtain a permit.

Press release:

Acceptance of New Concealed Weapons License Applications Delayed During COVID-19

Mar 20, 2020

Tallahassee, Fla. – To minimize exposure to COVID-19 and help protect visitors and employees, the Governor has recommended state offices be temporarily closed to the public from Thursday, March 19th through Sunday, April 19th. As a result, FDACS Division of Licensing regional office personnel will not be available to fingerprint license applicants.

Local law enforcement agencies and tax collector offices across Florida have likewise begun to temporarily suspend fingerprinting services. Therefore, first-time concealed weapons license (CWL) applicants will be unable to obtain electronic or hard card fingerprinting services from any of the means authorized by section 790.06(5)(c), Florida Statutes. As a reminder, fingerprints submitted from any source other than official law enforcement, tax collector offices, or FDACS Division of Licensing offices cannot be accepted under 790.06(5)(c), Florida Statutes.

To prevent unnecessary financial burdens and frustration to CWL applicants who would be unable to be approved due to the unavailability of fingerprinting services, acceptance of online or in-person initial CWL applications beginning Monday, March 23, 2020 will be delayed. Per Commissioner Nikki Fried’s emergency order 2020-004, expiring concealed weapons licenses and security officer licenses will be automatically extended an additional thirty (30) days at this time.

Renewals/Security Officers: The Division of Licensing will continue accepting online and mailed CWL renewal applications and all Chapter 493 security officer applications as usual.

If applicants have questions, they may contact the FDACS Division of Licensing at (850) 245-5691 or [email protected]. Division of Licensing personnel will remain available to answer questions by telephone or email.

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