Indianapolis Imposes Curfew After Dealing With Increase In Crime And Shootings

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA — In response to a shooting in downtown Indianapolis that injured seven minors, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) announced plans to strictly enforce Indiana’s curfew laws for individuals under 18. Chief Chris Bailey highlighted this move as part of a broader violence reduction strategy, emphasizing the necessity of parental responsibility and the police’s role in ensuring youth safety.

Indiana’s curfew regulations prohibit those 15 to 17 from being in public spaces late at night on weekends and specify similar restrictions for children under 15. The decision comes after police responded to gunfire near Circle Centre Mall, finding several injured teenagers and a 12-year-old.

IMPD intends to use patrol car announcements to enforce the curfew, with violators potentially being detained until guardians can retrieve them. The policy includes exceptions for minors accompanied by adults or engaged in work, school, or religious activities.

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