BREAKING: Shots Fired In Kenosha, Multiple People Shot *Graphic Warning*

KENOSHA, WISCONSIN — Rioting entered it’s third night, and watching live streams has shown multiple armed citizens who have been out protecting property.

Early reports suggest that one of those armed citizens may have fired at someone during an altercation, striking them. Initial reports say that the same person fired at others who began chasing him down the street.

Video of the incident was captured on camera, as well as an interview with other armed citizens from the same group.

The first video clip shows the first shooting, and the second clip shows a person running, being chased by the crowd. More shots are fired at this time and more people were shot.

The end of the video shows who multiple witnesses say was the shooter, and seems to be the same person we can see running from the scene.

Note: This does not mean that the person who fired the shots did so in an illegal manner. We have no knowledge of video that shows the altercation which led up to the shootings.



Another angle of the second shooting shows much clearer how this portion went down. That video can be seen below.

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