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Off-Duty Firefighter Shot Multiple Times While Mowing Lawn, Manages To Return Fire With Concealed Carry Gun

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — An off-duty firefighter was shot multiple times while talking with friends and mowing his lawn, and was able to return fire on the attacker even after sustaining multiple injuries.

The firefighter, 54, was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, where he was stabilized and where his family was gathered at his bedside Thursday night, according to Chicago Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford.

“He had multiple gunshot wounds to his lower extremities,” Langford said.

About 6:45 p.m. an assailant ran past the fireman and several of his friends who about talking near an alley or gangway and fired thirteen times at them near the 9900 block of South Yale Avenue in the Fernwood neighborhood, Langford and police said.

After bullets ripped through the fireman’s ankle, buttocks and right leg, he returned fire in self-defense, but didn’t hit anyone, police said. He was not the intended target.

via chicagotribune.com

Officers in the area were able to track down the suspect, a 25-year-old, and recovered the gun they believe was used in the shooting.

The firefighter is still recovering from his injuries, and we hope he is up and about in no time.

While the intended target was not immediately clear, what is clear is the need for us to be paying attention to our surroundings as much as we can, and to be ready. And by ready, I mean carrying your firearm even if you’re just outside mowing the lawn.

If we knew when attacks would happen, we’d stay home at those times. We’d avoid them at all costs, because no one want to be involved in a life or death situation.

However, reality is what it is, and trouble could be trying to sneak up behind us when we least expect it.

A dedication to training is important to maintaining your self-defensive strategy, and keeping your guard up, even a little, should be considered as much as you’re able.

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