Man Held At Gunpoint For Police After Robbing Dollar Store

FORT WAYNE, INDIANA — A thug was having a good day in his world, but that was until he tried to hide from police in the vicinity of an armed citizen.

Harold Jackson, whom we will refer to as ‘Thug’, allegedly robbed a dollar store at gunpoint just moments before his encounter with the armed citizen.

Police saw Thug running behind the dollar store and tried to catch up to him.

Local news reports;

Eric Spicer was getting ready to take his dog on a walk when he noticed a man hiding in the bushes. He flagged down the officer to let him know. As he walked back toward his home he saw the same man, crossing Lindley Avenue onto Parkview Avenue, but wearing different clothes.

“I knew it was him,” said Spicer. “He was probably ten feet away when I told him, ‘Hey, the police are right there. You should just give up.’”

Spicer continued to try negotiating with him but the man was not ready to give up. He told Spicer he wanted to hide.

“I told him I wouldn’t hide him and I asked him just to sit down right on this stoop,” he said. “I told him to just wait for police, and that they had a K-9, and that he was going to get hurt if didn’t.”

Thug sat down, and that’s when Spicer noticed the gun.

“I said, ‘You’re going to get in a lot of trouble with that handgun. You should just go through that up on that porch,’” said Spicer.

Not knowing what to do, Thug stood up and walked to the man’s door, trying to open it. The door was locked, so Thug sat back down and contemplated life.

“As he was coming off my steps he put the handgun into the bag full of money,” he said. “That’s when I pulled my gun out and ordered him to lie down and wait for the police. For a moment he tried to plead with me and I just told him to shut up.”

Police arrived and arrested Thug. The gun that Thug was using turned out to be a BB-gun.

Criminals aren’t the smartest people in the world, but sometimes they’re desperate and willing to do anything to get away. In this case, it seems that Thug came to the realization that his time was up, but what if he had a real gun on him? Would he have used it against our armed citizen?

It’s all speculation, but it’s good to keep scenarios like this in mind to decide how we feel we would have handled the situation.

You never know… Thug could be on your front porch the next time around.

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