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Costco Shopper Opens Fire On Two Robbers Trying To Break Into His Car

ARLINGTON, TEXAS — Don’t you just hate when you come out of a store and find someone trying to break into your car? This Costco shopper certainly does, and he wasn’t messing around when he confronted the robbers.

Just after 10 a.m. Nov. 29, Arlington police were sent to a shooting call in the parking lot of Costco. Officers said it appeared that two men were breaking into a pickup truck when the owner and his friend came out of the store and confronted the suspects.

Police said one of the suspects pulled out a weapon believed to be a gun, when the victim pulled out a handgun he was legally carrying and shot “some rounds” toward the suspects vehicle.


The shooter was legally carrying, so there are no issues there and no charges will be filed against him. The shooter also claims that the would-be robbers pointed a firearm at him, which prompted him to draw his weapon and fire back. Not sure what other options he had other than to stand there and be a victim.

Good on the concealed carrier to defend himself and ensure his property remained safe.

If you came out of a store and saw someone trying to break into your car, how would you proceed?

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