Trump Considers Phone App For Private Gun Sales. What Could Go Wrong?


An app on your phone, which connects to the federal background check systems.

Abuse with such an app could run rampant. What would stop people from running background checks on people who aren’t actually making a purchase?

The proposed app would be used for background checks using private sales, and not for purchases involving commercial dealers, one of the sources told CNN. The Washington Post first reported on the app.

via cnn

What would this app do? Who would use it? It would seem best implemented between two people doing an exchange in private. What if a denial comes up and the person gets angry? It’s one thing for a person to get angry over a denial in a gun shop, and another in a private setting.

Would you really be trying to sell a gun to someone who you thought shouldn’t have one? That sounds like something a criminal would do. Not a law abiding citizen.

What would this app actually accomplish, considering that we see background checks fail to keep firearms out of the hands of many mass killers.

Just one more thing to control firearms.


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