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Attempted Robbery Turns Into A Shootout, CPL Holder Sends Robber To The Hospital

DETROIT, MICHIGAN — There is a reason so many in the gun community extol the virtues of training. Training not only gives you confidence for dangerous situations, but also the skills necessary to survive.

In this case, the CPL holder’s judicious marksmanship may have saved his life.

Police were called around 6:45 to the 18600 block of Grayfield to the shooting. A 25-year-old man was walking when an armed man tried to rob him.

The victim has a concealed pistol license and pulled his gun. Both men shot at each other and the robbery suspect was hit in the body. He was taken to the hospital and is listed in critical condition.

Via Fox2 Detroit

According to this report, both men fired at each other, but only one of them landed a hit. It wasn’t the thug who illegally owned his gun and probably never fired a round in his life. It was the CPL holder.

To receive a CPL in Michigan, one must complete a training course. Included in that training course is a lesson on “Avoiding criminal attack and controlling a violent confrontation.” At the very minimum, the CPL holder had range time overseen by a licensed range officer, plus training on controlling violent confrontations. The training very likely saved his life.

Whether it’s a requirement or not, every concealed carrier should seek out training in some capacity. What do you do?

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