The Most Important Thing We Learned From The Escapade In New York This Weekend

Last night was a doozy for gun owners all across the Country when reports started coming in that surrounded a gun owner involved in a standoff with police over a 30-round magazine.

Except it might not even be true.

While the standoff ended peacefully, rumors are flying around as to what actually went down.

What we know:

  • The person involved, Alexander Booth, was not arrested in connection with the standoff
  • Police say no firearms or magazines were found at the home
  • A domestic incident is what police say sparked their move to the home

And that’s about it. His Instagram has gone silent.

Until the dust settles, we won’t know what actually transpired, what charges were indeed filed, and what truly led up to the entire event that was trending across social media.

The biggest takeaway so far has been this; Gun Owners, believing that another fellow gun owner was in the middle of a standoff with police because of a Red Flag Law report, seemingly over a 30-round magazine (illegal in NY), came together on a mass scale to show support.

Many even went to the scene after Booth’s address started circulating.

The response was huge, and that’s not an overstatement. The number of #supportwhiskeywarrior556 hashtags is too high to count, and we aren’t even sure how many people actually wound up giving in-person support at the scene.

This whole thing, regardless of it’s legitimacy, is a testament to the strength and power of the gun community, and how we have each other’s backs.

However if this turns out to be a big show, then we all end up looking like fools. Time will tell.

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