Flight Attendant Caught With Loaded Handgun While Trying To Board Flight In Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA — On Friday, September 15, TSA officers at Philadelphia International Airport intercepted a flight attendant attempting to board an aircraft with a loaded .380 caliber handgun, marking the second such incident in two weeks. Earlier, a retail concession employee was arrested for trying to pass through a security checkpoint with a loaded firearm.

The TSA highlighted the gravity of these incidents, citing the potential security threats posed by insiders with access and knowledge of restricted areas within the airport. These events underline the critical need for thorough screening of all airport personnel to maintain secure environments.

The arrested flight attendant, who resides in Arizona, is also subject to a substantial federal fine for bringing a firearm to a checkpoint.

“It is well known publicly that passengers are not permitted to carry their firearms through our security checkpoints,” said Christine Assili, TSA’s Deputy Federal Security Director for the airport. “But it is equally important that the public is aware that individuals who work at the airport also are not permitted to be in possession of a gun. We are equally focused on screening employees as well as travelers.”

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