Home Invader With Intent To Kill Is Stopped By Homeowner With A Gun


HIGHLAND COUNTY, OHIO — Imagine eating breakfast with your wife in the morning, and suddenly hearing a pounding on the door. The man on the other side of the door begins screaming that he intends to kill you! What do you do?

Around 10:40 a.m., the sheriff’s office says it received a 911 call from a male homeowner saying he’d just shot another man trying to break into his house.

“I just shot this guy,” the homeowner told the dispatcher, his voice panicked and distraught. “He tried to attack me. Tried to get in my back door and everything.”

The homeowner said he and his wife were eating breakfast when the man, whom he describes as being in his thirties, tried to get in their home’s back door and said he was going to kill them.

The man allegedly went into the garage, then the homeowner came out the front door of his house with a gun. The man charged the homeowner, he says, at which point he shot the man.

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When the police arrived at the house, the man was still alive. Unfortunately, he died on the scene before an ambulance could get him to the hospital. The homeowner, clearly shaken by the altercation, says he has never seen the man before his life.

There was a neighbor nearby which witnessed the incident. She confirmed the home invader was screaming about murdering the people inside the house. This witness believes that there was a mental issue with the home invader, but understood why the homeowner acted the way he did.

Kudos to the homeowner for protecting his family. We show time and time again how guns save lives, and this instance is no difference. Had the homeowner not had a firearm, who knows how this story ends. Could be he and his wife are the ones dead, and not the home invader.

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