Armed Couple Who Confronted Protesters Now Have Armed Guards, And They’d Like You To Help Pay For Them

The couple in St. Louis who made headlines this week after coming out of their home with guns, in an effort to get a group of protesters to leave private property, now have armed security perched on their balcony.

Last night, Mark McCloskey posted on his Facebook page with a warning that they face an attack. That post can be seen below.


The St Louis police have indicated they can not help us, and private companies will not risk their reputation to protect us and our home. We have been informed by many sources that the group Expect Us is coming back for us on July 3rd. WE ARE ALONE. We have been informed this will be a “bloodbath” and that we will be made the symbol of what happens to people who protect their Hearth and Home. To assist with our need for help, our cousins set up a GoFundMe to help pay for private security. Please support by sharing or donating if you are able.

Thank you,
Mark & Patricia McCloskey

It’d be terrible if people were planning to target them for what they did, but it looks like they’ve put a plan in place to help safeguard themselves and their home.

At the end of the post, they link to a GoFundMe account that was set up by their cousins, and asked for donations to help pay for security.

I’m no expert, but I have a feeling that they can cover the costs.

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