Man Who Shot And Killed Garrett Foster Identified As Active US Army Sergeant, Under Attack For Social Media Postings

The concealed carrier who shot and killed Garrett Foster in Austin, Texas last weekend has been identified as Daniel Perry, an active U.S. Army Sergeant who is getting even more heat about the shooting after a few of his tweets went viral.

The reason we’re pointing this out? Because what you say in the past can come back to haunt you in the future, even if you’re in the right. Never forget: The internet remembers everything.

The information below cannot be used in court unless the defendant is facing a 1st Degree Murder charge, but it’s still always wise to watch what you say on a public forum.

A statement from Perry’s attorney was released on July 30th and can be viewed below.

Dispatch recordings have also been released, and provide details directly after Perry called in to say that he had just shot someone after they pointed a rifle towards him.


The jury is still out (almost literally) as to what actually happened that night, but we can say for sure that Perry has a lengthy legal battle ahead.

We’ll be following this story as it develops.

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