Off-Duty Deputy Shoots, Kills Intruder In His Home During Power Outage


SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA — A local bad guy tried to take advantage of a neighborhood power-outage, but ultimately chose the wrong house to rob. A mistake he won’t get the chance to make again.

An intruder was shot and killed after entering an off-duty Yuba County deputy’s home in Challenge late Thursday night, the Yuba County Sheriff’s Department said.

Sheriff’s deputies responded to the home after the shooting, where they pronounced the alleged intruder dead at the scene. The identity of the alleged intruder has not yet been released.

Sheriff Johnson says the deputy used his service weapon to shoot and kill the suspect but did call 911 first. CBS13 spoke with the deputy off-camera, he said he’s shaken up and was scared for his family.

via CBS Sacramento

Apparently, the neighborhood has been without power for a few days, and without any lights to illuminate entry ways, the bad guy thought it would be easy pickings to rob a house. What the robber did not expect was to come face to face with an off duty deputy prepared to protect his family.

The deputy’s wife and children were home at the time of the invasion. With no lights on in the house, and squaring off against someone who has just forced themselves into his home, the deputy took no chances in defending his family.

Prior to firing and shooting the robber, the deputy did call 911. However, sometimes these situations do not allow enough time for the police to arrive. This is why we keep guns in our home, train to use them, and prepare for such scenarios. We pray then never happen, but must be ready for them.   

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