Armed Veteran Helps Catch Man Who Entered Two Homes, Sexually Abused Woman

PHOENIX, ARIZONA — The last thing a punk wants to run into while they are out trying to assault women is an armed veteran, and that is what happened to this guy.

“I woke up to find a guy standing at the foot of my bed staring at me,” said homeowner Gage Underhill. Underhill pulled out his handgun and confronted the man, later identified as Francisco Meza-Beltran, causing him to flee from the home.

“I am a retired military law enforcement officer,” he said. “I always keep my handgun and so, I lit him up (with the laser). and I told him that he needs to get out of there and he bolted.”

According to police, Meza-Beltran, 32, ran out the back door of Underhill’s home and began hopping fences until he then entered another home nearby through another unlocked rear door.

Thompson said a woman inside woke up to find Meza-Beltran on top of her, sexually abusing her. Officers were able to locate him in the neighborhood attempting to climb onto the roof of a third home.

Via AZ Family

From the sound of it, Meza-Beltran either suffers from some kind of mental disorder, or he was on some pretty crazy drugs that night. As if his first attempt wasn’t enough to deter him when Underhill chased him off with a firearm, he went out and looked for another victim.

Unfortunately, he found one. This time he didn’t have a gun pointed at him and was able to sexually abuse the female occupant of the house. Eventually she struggled and fought enough to get him off of her, where he then fled and looked for a third house.

By this time the police were in the neighborhood, and after speaking with Underhill, they were able to identify Meza-Beltran when he was spotted climbing on a roof trying to make his third illegal entry that night. Police apprehended and arrested him.  

Later, Underhill regrets that he couldn’t have done more to stop Meza-Beltran from finding his next victim, but his daughter was in the home and he needed to keep her safe until the police arrived.

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