Man Shot And Killed As He Got His Hair Cut In Mall Barber Shop

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS — A fatal shooting occurred at the North Star Mall in San Antonio on Sunday afternoon. A man, thought to be in his early 40s, was targeted and killed by two gunmen while getting a haircut at the mall’s barber shop. The suspects managed to escape the scene following the crime and are yet to be located, despite the efforts of local police.

San Antonio Police Department’s Nick Soliz stated that the shooting seemed to be a planned attack. The investigation into this incident is underway. However, he emphasized that this wasn’t a case of an active shooter at the mall and confirmed that no bystanders were harmed during the incident. The mall, due to the incident, remained closed for the rest of the day.

The shooting at the mall has no link to two other similar incidents that occurred in the city over the weekend. On Friday, a drive-by shooting at an apartment complex on Eisenhauer Road led to four injuries including a 5-year-old, 15 and 16-year-old, and a 60-year-old. Another incident on Saturday claimed the life of an 18-year-old, Geremiah Hardeman, in a shootout at an Upland Road apartment complex.

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