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Walmart CEO: Congress Should Revisit “Assault Weapons Ban”

The CEO of Walmart, Doug McMillon, made a statement after receiving pressure to stop selling firearms and ammo in the aftermath of the El Paso shooting. The statement calls for revisiting the ‘Assault Weapons Ban’ that expired in 2004.

“In the national conversation around gun safety, we’re encouraged that broad support is emerging to strengthen background checks and to remove weapons from those who have been determined to pose an imminent danger,” he stated. “The reauthorization of the assault weapons ban should be debated to determine its effectiveness in keeping weapons made for war out of the hands of mass murderers.”

Commonly called the assault weapons ban, the Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act was adopted in 1994 and expired a decade later. The now-lapsed law prohibited the manufacture or sale for civilian use of certain semi-automatic weapons that could be converted to fire automatically and magazines that could accommodate 10 rounds or more.

via cbsnews.com

In 2015, Walmart stopped selling ‘assault rifles’ following some mass shootings. Additionally, after the Parkland FL school shooting, they increased the minimum age for gun purchases from 18 to 21.

There is no doubt that the gun control talk is at the highest it’s been in years, and it’s only a matter of time until serious legislation is introduced. What will the result be? It depends on how vocal the gun community becomes.

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