Father Shoots Son In Self-Defense After He Tried Throwing Propane Tank Through Window

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA — A father says he acted in self-defense when he shot his son, who has a history of aggressive and violent behavior.

Police said [the son] was shot and killed Aug. 8 outside his father’s home on Wood Avenue. [The mother] said the father called police after his son became aggressive and fired a shot through a window as a warning.

The bullet, however, struck her son.

“He said he felt afraid for his life. But my understanding, how can you be afraid for your life if your child is outside? He said, ‘My son is trying to throw a propane tank in the window’ but why shoot?” [The mother] said. “That’s why I’m so hurt.”

via news4jax.com

The father was questioned by police but was not placed in custody, and will not be facing any charges.

Situations that include family can be very tricky when trying to come up with an action plan. According to the mother, the father had filed a domestic violence injunction against his son back in 2013. Even though that was the case, she says her son still stayed at the same home at some points.

She went on to say that the father loved his son and wanted to do what he could to help him towards a better path.

Unfortunately, the result was the death of a son at the hands of a parent. There is nothing easy about the situation, and they need to live with the outcome for the rest of their lives.

It’s a sad thing all around.

What do you think about this situation?

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