Home Invasion Ends With Suspect Suffering From Lead Deposit To The Neck


BOTETOURT COUNTY, VIRGINIA — An armed man, unknown to the two occupants inside a home, broke in and demanded the keys to their car. When the woman he confronted started yelling to someone else in the home, the suspect began firing his gun.

He didn’t hit anyone, but did receive return-fire from the shadows.

Authorities say the other person in the home grabbed a gun and began firing back, eventually hitting the suspect.

When deputies arrived they say they found the suspect lying on the front yard with an apparent gunshot wound to the neck.

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The suspect was taken to the hospital where he was said to be in stable condition.

If this isn’t terrifying, I don’t know what is. Middle of the afternoon, minding your own business, when someone breaks into your home and starts waving a gun around.

This is why we say, time and time again; Even while at home, carry your firearm. If you’re not carrying it, make sure that one is close by and ready to go.

This is not paranoia talking, but rather preparedness.

Luckily for these two, the good guys and gals prevailed.

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