Woman Charged With Armed Robbery After Desk-Popping In McDonald’s Because Her Fries Were Cold

via TTAG

McDonald’s french fries consistently rank at or near the top of listings of the best fast food toasty tubers. They’re not as good as they were back when they fried them in lard, of course, but still well worth their salt. So to speak.

That makes them at least as big an attraction for many of the restaurant chain’s customers as Micky D’s burgers. And that may explain Lillian Tarver’s extreme disappointment yesterday when she discovered the fries she’d just bought were…cold.

Tarver was none too pleased when she turned her car around and marched back into a Georgia McDonald’s to complain.

The restaurant owner says the woman left with her order and then came back, saying the fries were cold. According to the owner, as the manager went to get new fries, the woman went into the kitchen and fired a shot into the floor.

The owner says he gave the woman a refund and she left.

Tarver apparently got physical with an employee before pulling the trigger.

An employee at the McDonald’s tells WTOC there was a full fledged brawl in the kitchen before the shot was ever fired. …

“Basically kept going back and forth with me, and she took her drink and threw it at me and the manager, and then proceeded to come behind the counter,” (McDonald’s employee Lynn) Watson recalled. …

Watson says Tarver left and went to her car. When she came back, she had a gun in her hands.

That’s when she walked behind the counter and sent a round into the floor.

Police tracked her down on the road after she left the store and arrested her. She’s been charged with armed robbery, aggravated assault, battery and reckless conduct.

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