[VIDEO] The Gun World’s Greatest Revolver Ever

There is a special place in my heart for revolvers. Everything from a tiny North American Arms Pug in .22 WMR to a massive Magnum Research Big Frame Revolver in 45/70 Gov, the revolver is a highly respected firearm. There are people I know who collect, compete and carry revolvers. In their mind, a revolver suits all of their shooting needs.

There are several advantages that a revolver has over semi-automatic pistols. I came up with five advantages off the top of my head. I am sure there are more to add however this list is worth considering. 

  1. The fact that a revolver doesn’t use a magazine eliminates the probability of feeding failures. It is quite common for rounds to get hung up in the magazine which will prevent the steady feeding flow.
  2. A revolver uses fewer parts which do not rely on gases to operate. The simple design is controlled by the shooter creating more reliable and consistent shooting.
  3. Revolvers are easier to concealed carry. They can be holstered anywhere on the body. Snub nose revolvers with poly or aluminum frames are popular for pocket carry. Tiny little mini revolvers that pack five rounds are so small that they cannot be duplicated by any semi-automatic for deep concealment.
  4. Competitors choose revolvers for precision shooting. A fixed long barrel and an extremely short single action trigger pull allows for incredible accurate shooting.
  5. Revolvers can fire super large loads that semi-auto pistols could never handle. Hunters can choose a large load revolver for big game. Did someone say S&W 500 Magnum?

Getting back on topic, I came up with what I feel is the, “Gun World’s Greatest Revolver Ever.” Am I biased with my choice? Hell yeah I am because I am the proud owner of this beautiful, historical and classic revolver that many shooters dream of owning. The better question is, are their better revolvers out there? I will let the viewers of this article decide the answer to that question.

Check out the video and let us know your thoughts and opinions on the gun world’s greatest revolver ever.

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