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[VIDEO] Karma: Armed Robber Shoots Himself In The Leg, Later Dies At The Hospital

Sometimes, karma works quicker than normal.

The man in the video, wearing the motorcycle helmet, is the bad guy robbing the clerk at gunpoint. He thinks everything is going just fine, until he goes to put his gun away.

When he goes to put the firearm in his pants, it goes bang. That bang sent a bullet into his leg, and we can see him hobble off in defeat brought on by himself.

He goes to the hospital, but will later die from the injuries sustained from his negligent discharge.

A bullet to the leg can be fatal, as we clearly see here. You’ve got some major arteries there, and bleeding out can be a quick process.

Everyone did a good job when it came to handling the robber, but an armed clerk or armed customer would have been a nice tough as well.

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