Lethal Lace Deep Concealment Gear for Women [SHOT Show 2018]

lethal lace deep concealment holster

One of the biggest problems most women face when carrying a concealed firearm is that women’s clothes are generally more clingy and form-fitting. They also tend to lack as many pockets as men’s clothing. That’s great when you want to look good, but less great when you’re trying to conceal a GLOCK 43 or similar pistol.

And that’s the idea behind Lethal Lace, a Louisiana-based company that makes a flexible, wrap-around-style deep concealment holster aimed at the women’s market.

The concept couldn’t be simpler. Insert your pistol, place it in the desired spot on your body and wrap the Lethal Lace holster’s long tail around you to hold it securely in place.

Once you get to the end, the whole thing is held in place by two clips. Think of Lethal Lace as a fancy Ace bandage with a holster pocket and backing sewn in.

It’s offered in two lengths, one for use on a leg and one for around the body.

As with most deep carry options, quick access to your gun may be an issue. And re-holstering can be problematic (and will definitely require two hands). But Tessa Renaud, Lethal Lace’s owner, suggests using a Sticky Holster along with your Lethal Lace wrap if you want to ensure easy easier reholstering.

Options are always good and while Lethal Lace certainly won’t be for everyone, based on the company’s growth, there’s a significant number of concealed carrying women who like the choices that Lethal Lace gives them. The leg model sells for $41.99 while the body-sized version goes for $51.99.

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