“Not A Gun Free Zone” Signs Vandalized Just A Few Days After They Went Up

Someone doesn’t like places that aren’t gun free zones, and they had something to say about it by turning into 14-year-old kids with spray paint.

Last week, we brought you the feel-good story about a township in Pennsylvania that erected over a dozen “This Is Not A Gun Free Zone” signs all over town. They made headlines for their awesome approach at letting bad guys know they aren’t messing around anymore.

But alas, someone(s) decided to rid the town of the best signs ever by covering them up. Here is what they looked like before the vandalism:

ScreenHunter_177 Feb. 06 12.30

Aah, the good old days.

Besides the setback of needing to replace the four vandalized signs, the township has been getting requests from all over the Country for their signs. They plan to sell them as well, and what a great plan that is.

I’d buy a personalized one; “Welcome to Concealed Nation, Obviously Not A Gun Free Zone”.

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