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Store Manager Shoots And Kills Man Terrorizing People With Gun, Trying To Carjack Multiple Vehicles

SUN CITY CENTER, FLORIDA — The manager of a hearing aid store was witness to a suspect attempting to carjack multiple people in the parking lot outside of his store, and the suspect was also attempting to gain entry into multiple businesses.

The store manager was armed, and so was the suspect.

Deputies say the suspect – armed with a semi-automatic handgun – attempted at least four carjackings outside the Publix along Sun City Center Boulevard just after 9 a.m., but all of the drivers had their doors locked.

via fox13news.com

The alert businesses locked their doors, while others had to hold the doors closed as the suspect attempted to get inside.

Then, he moves behind the hearing aid store, and that’s when the manager sprung into action.

“Some type of exchange or altercation does occur,” the sheriff explained. “The supervisor of the business, who possessed a firearm legally, discharged his firearm and struck the suspect in the upper body.”

The suspect, a ten-time felon, later died at the hospital.

Lives were definitely in danger, and felonies were definitely being committed. This armed citizen was able to stop that threat, after making the decision to get involved on that level.

Be alert, always remain aware of your surroundings, and make good and quick decisions when faced with a threat such as this.

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