College Student Kicked Out Of School For Posting Photo Of Her Holding Handgun On Social Media

If they’re kicking her out for improper grip or pointing the firearm at the camera, we can talk.

All (kinda) joking aside, the reality for this college student is that she’s now booted from campus, and she’s taking the fight to them in the form of a lawsuit.

The young woman spoke with reporters about the incident;

According to the lawsuit, filed May 14 in U.S. District Court in Jacksonville, Dia’mon Dallas alleges her constitutional rights were violated when First Coast Technical College suspended her based on the photo posted to her Facebook page.

“Everything has just gone down the drain. I really was trying hard in school. I was making A’s,” Dallas told WJAX-TV.

Dallas said she and her fiance, Anfernee Royster, were at the range with her cousin, a military veteran who was teaching the couple how to shoot. The couple posed together for a photo holding the firearms with the caption “She’s my Bonnie and I’m her Clyde.”

via Fox News

The photo came to the school’s attention after a student had reported it to school administrators. The assistant principal then confronted Dallas, and told her that she was indefinitely suspended from the school.

It’s 2019, and people are concerned about school shootings and other negative things happening with firearms. Where is the line, though? If you saw this photo, would you feel inclined to believe that this woman was going to become a threat to anyone?

Photo courtesy Twitter

I’ll admit that I’m rather annoyed she has the firearm pointed at the camera, but I’d be saying that with anyone, and I have since day one. Is the man also holding a wad of… whatever. It doesn’t matter, because there is nothing illegal about taking this photo.

To be kicked out of a college for posting a photo like this on their own personal social media is silly. Now, had the photo come with a caption of “Getting ready for class on Monday, bang bang!”, then many would be changing their tone.

But truly, aside from the bad grip and the camera pointing, there’s nothing to see here.

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