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Attacking Dog Shot And Killed As Man Was Walking His Small Dog

ASHLAND, PENNSYLVANIA — An aggressive pit bull was shot and killed by an Ashland man when the pit bull attacked his dog. The attack occurred in the 200 block of Middle Street on the evening of March 16th.

The man was walking his small dog in the Middle Street location when a pit bull charged from a yard and began attacking the man’s dog. Police say that the man told them he attempted to stop the attack by separating the two but was unable to. At that point, fearing for his dog’s safety, the man produced a handgun and shot the pit bull, killing it. The small dog was taken to a local veterinarian but had to be euthanized due to its injuries.

Police stated that an investigation is still underway but did not anticipate any charges against the man. Police did state that charges are possible against the owner of the pit bull. Ashland Police Chief Daley issued a public reminder for residents to ensure their pets have current vaccinations and licensing as well as complying with local leash laws. The statement stems from recent local complaints.

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