Detroit Woman Uses Concealed Firearm To Stop Another Woman Attempting To Run Her Down With Her Vehicle

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DETROIT, MICHIGAN — A fight of unknown origin between two women was escalated when one of them tried using her vehicle as a weapon.

The other woman, a 37-year-old concealed carry permit holder, was in the street when she was about to be run down, according to witnesses.

The fatal shooting happened in the area of Hayes and Fordham streets around 7 p.m. Monday night, leaving a 47-year-old woman dead on the city’s east side.

The 47-year-old allegedly tried to run down a 37-year-old who fired multiple shots at the car, hitting her.


The 47-year-old had just left her job when the fight started.

The 37-year-old was detained at the scene and questioned. No information was available as to any possible charges.

A vehicle can definitely be a deadly weapon and if you aren’t able to get yourself to a safe location, the use of deadly force is likely justified. It would be interesting to know why the fight between the two took place, and who the aggressor was. If the aggressor was the 47-year-old, this should turn out to be a case of self-defense. If the aggressor was the 37-year-old, then we’re talking about a different outcome entirely.

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