Three Thugs Kill Gun Shop Owner and Steal Dozens Of Guns; Thugs Arrested, Guns Still Missing

Three animals from Indianapolis are under arrest after stealing nearly 50 firearms from a gun shop and killing the owner. Only four of the estimated 45 firearms that were stolen have been recovered.

According to the Jennings County Sheriff’s Department, Dejaun Worthen, 23, Darion Harris, 20, and Darryl Worthen, 24, were arrested on charges of murder and robbery. All three suspects are from Indianapolis.

The owner of the store, Scott Maxie, 61, was found by police with a gunshot to the chest. The ATF was apparently involved with helping to apprehend the three people wanted for this murder and theft.

Worthen was a FedEx delivery man who knew the owner from delivering firearms to the shop in the past. Worthen brought two friends with him this time and said that they were interested in purchasing some firearms. Since the two knew each other, Maxie probably had no reason to assume anything bad would take place. Police noted that Maxie’s own firearm was still in it’s holster, undrawn.

The majority of animals such as these three acquire their firearms illegally, and then use them in crimes. As always, the only blame here for these missing firearms (which are likely to be used in future crimes) is on the criminals themselves. The 41 firearms that are yet to be recovered did not steal themselves and walk out of the shop into the hands of other thugs; they were stolen.

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