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Man Waves Gun Around In Restaurant, Patrons Stick Around, Police Respond With Deadly Force

A man with a history of mental illness was inside a restaurant and made the choice to pull out a gun and start flashing it around, as well as point it at people inside. Of course police were called, and that may be exactly what the man was looking for.

Responding, multiple officers approach the man and tell him to put the gun down, which doesn’t work the way they wanted. Shots are fired, and the man later died at the hospital.

John makes a good point in the video, and that is to get out of there at the first sign of trouble. Some patrons stay, even knowing that the man is waving a gun around, and that’s just insane in my book.

Additioinally, it’s a reminder of why we carry and train to defend ourselves and keep level heads if we’re ever in a similar situation.

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