[WATCH] Bear Charges Man Multiple Times On Camera, He Refuses To Pull The Trigger

In some incredible footage recently shared by HFO – Hunting, Fishing, and Outdoors, a man is charged by a massive bear multiple times, all caught on camera.

Through what I can only consider superhuman nerve, the man chooses to never pull the trigger on this animal, and the charges turn out to be bluffs.

The bear eventually decides that the bluff charges are sufficient to drive the hunter, who is carrying a double barreled shotgun, away, and eventually retreats into the wilderness.

Everyone walks out of the situation alright, and a good thing, too — according to HFO, this bear was with three cubs.

“Russian hunter met a female bear, she lashed out. Hunter decided not to shoot, because she was with three cubs,” HFO notes in the video description.

Check out the video below — it’s only about a minute long.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the brass stones on this man.

I don’t know that anyone would have held it against the man if he had made the call to pull the trigger on this bear. If the bluffs had escalated to a for-real charge, I’m not sure the man would have had enough time to get a shot off.

He might have, though. Anyone who can keep breathing regularly, hold a gun steady, and move off simultaneously has a better shot than most to achieve that level of split-second timing.

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