We Are Constantly Asked Why We Don’t Publish Names Of Those Responsible For Mass Shootings, And Why We Blur Their Photos

It’s been a policy since the beginning for Concealed Nation.

When writing an article, or any other content relating to a mass shooting, we will never;

– Publish the name(s) of the criminal(s) involved

– Publish any photos of the criminal(s)

We do not publish the names or photos of these criminals. Why that photo above? Why use their photo and then blur their face?

To make a point.

Imagine if every news outlet blurred the faces of these demons. Make them nameless, faceless, worthless, unimportant, and stop giving them identifying attention that etches themselves into the minds of everyone all over the Country.

Do we honestly care what their names are? And do we honestly care what they look like?

We can still report on their background and history, and discuss what could have led them to commit the terrible acts that they committed. Still, there is no reason to identify them.

Lest we forget, many of these criminals want to be known, even in death. They typically don’t expect to come out the other side alive. They want the world to know who they are and what they’ve done.

We won’t give them that opportunity here.

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