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Police: Home Intruder Shot, Killed By Armed Homeowner

SMYRNA, GEORGIA — Smyrna police report that a homeowner fatally shot an intruder on Sunday evening. The incident occurred in a quiet neighborhood near the intersection of Lochlomand Lane and Highland Drive.

First responders and detectives arrived on the scene shortly after, with police tape lining a dirt path leading to the house’s backyard, according to Fox 5 Atlanta.

The identities of the homeowner and the deceased intruder have not been disclosed by the police.

Local residents expressed shock at the incident, with neighbor Paige Nowacki describing the news as “terrifying.”

She added that while homeowners have a right to protect their property, the shooting was still a frightening event.

Dakota Jarrad, another neighbor, acknowledged the controversy surrounding the use of firearms for self-defense.

Jarrad, who works with firearms and is trained in their use, said that while they provide a sense of protection, one hopes never to need them.

The investigation is ongoing, and no charges have been filed against the homeowner at the time of Fox 5’s report.

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