Top Concealed Carry Locations For Women

(SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.) – February 19, 2019 –  The Well Armed Woman LLC, the nation’s largest resource and social media community of women gun owners, releases new data on how and where women concealed carry.

“The American female concealed carrier deserves a standing ovation,” says Carrie Lightfoot, Owner of The Well Armed Woman, LLC and founder of The Well Armed Woman Shooting Chapters non-profit organization. “The data shows a total 78.69% of women carrying in holsters in what I call the ‘Sweet Spot’, the area around the waistband and mid-section.”

A recent survey conducted by The Well Armed Woman received four thousand entries yielding a 97% female response. The women ranged in age from 18 to more than 75 years of age. Male responses were removed to gather pure female related data. The survey collected data on numerous topics including buying habits, gun purchases, concealed carry preferences and demographics. 

The largest segment of women polled carry in “In The Waistband Holsters” at 40.96%. These holsters are worn inside the pants and attached to the wearer’s waistband, leaving the grip of the gun within easy reach for quick access. 12.76% are carrying “On The Waistband.” These holsters are worn on the outside of the waistband which provides excellent access to the firearm. If concealing the gun is preferred, a wearer of an On The Waistband holster would need a cover vest, jacket or shirt to hide the holstered firearm from sight.

The third-most popular on-body holster is a Belly Band or Wrap. 11.36% carry concealed in a band or wrap that is worn around the mid-section. Many belly bands, like The Well Armed Woman belly band are elastic and can be worn low around the hips or high up under the bust or arms. Another popular version of a wrap holster is the Corset holster. 6.11% of women polled Carry a firearm under the arm (underneath clothing). There are some different forms of underarm holsters such as a tank top with holsters placed under the arm, next to the breast.

Off-body carry with the use of a concealed carry purse is very popular, coming in at 18.81%. “Many women rely on and prefer the use of a concealed carry purse as a means of carrying their gun. I will say from my experience, that I find that many women who carry on the body as their primary mode of carrying also own a concealed carry purse for those times when clothing selection will not allow. So I think this number reflects a blend of these two,” said Lightfoot.

Carrying in a purse, although considered the most comfortable mode of carrying, comes with some real shortcomings and higher risk. The greatest flaws of carrying in a purse are access to the firearm by others and the loss of significant time in accessing and drawing the gun from the purse. A considerable amount of training is needed to safely carry and draw a gun while using a purse. You can read more on concealed carry purse advantages and disadvantages here.

“I believe that your holster is part of a system. A component of elements necessary for optimal comfort and safety that must all work together seamlessly for truly safe and effective concealed carry. I also believe that to master any system, you must train and practice. All holsters require a commitment to learning how to draw from your carry position and holster safely. Remember, you could have the best gun made, be the best shot in town, and have the finest holster available, but if you can’t draw your gun safely from that holster and get it on target fast – it all means nothing,” said Lightfoot

You can read the complete results of the survey on The Well Armed Woman Website

About Carrie Lightfoot

Carrie Lightfoot is the owner of The Well-Armed Woman, LLC and the founder and Chairwoman of the Board of TWAW Shooting Chapters Inc. a 501(c)3 Non-profit organization with 400 chapters in 49 states. She also is the principle of the Carrie Lightfoot Consultancy, assisting brands to effectively reach, market to and serve the female shooter. Carrie was elected to the National Rifle Association Board of Directors in 2018 and is an NRA Benefactor Life Member. She is a published author and popular national speaker and frequent guest in national media. She holds the following Firearms Instructor Certifications: NRA Certified Pistol, NRA Personal Protection in the Home, NRA Refuse To be a Victim, NRA Home Safety, USCCA Firearms Instructor and is a USCCA Training Counselor.

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