Woman Slain By Man Whose Name Was On The Order Of Protection She Had In Her Pocket When Her Body Was Found

It’s never easy to write an article such as this one, but it’s the reality of the world that we live in. We can preach all day about the importance of personal protection, but in the ends it’s up to each person to decide whether or not they want to take that step to help them gain an advantage in a dangerous situation.

In this particular case, there’s no information as to whether or not the victim was even a fan of firearms. I’m not here to pass judgement or to say that she wasn’t prepared, because firearms simply aren’t for everyone.

No, the purpose of this article is to show just how ineffective a piece of paper is, when it’s purpose is to keep someone away.

Tabitha Birdsong had an order of protection folded in her back pocket when she was found dead Tuesday near Roanoke Park in Kansas City.

The man named on the order, Gene A. Birdsong, is charged with killing her.

Jackson County prosecutors on Thursday charged 42-year-old Gene Birdsong of Kansas City, Kan., with first-degree murder and armed criminal action.

via KansasCity.com

The pair were married in 2009, but the relationship is said to have been a violent one. There were numerous times when police were called, and Birdsong was jailed twice for domestic battery against her.

The pair were seen together just the night before the murder, but the nature of them being together is not clear. The two have a child, which could have been a reason for the encounter.

Either way, this woman made the decision to get an order of protection against a man that she feared, and it did nothing to save her life when she needed help the most.

We practice and preach responsible concealed carry for this very reason. If one additional person starts learning about and carrying a firearm after reading this article, that’s one more person that makes the decision to better prepare themselves for what may come.

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