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Robber With 2 Guns Disarmed By Armed Apartment Residents

KOKOMO, INDIANA — An armed suspect who broke into a Kokomo, Indiana apartment was overwhelmed and detained by three apartment dwellers on Thursday, October 27th.

The altercation occurred around 3:25 AM when police say 18-year-old Marrell Tyler forced his way into the apartment, located at the Annex of Kokomo apartments. Tyler was wearing a ski mask and brandishing a gun when he broke in. Three men in the apartment physically overwhelmed Tyler, disarming him of his gun and restraining him.

Tyler produced another gun which discharged in the struggle. No one was wounded by the gunshot. One of the residents who was also armed held Tyler at gunpoint until police arrived. Both Tyler and the residents were injured from the physical altercation. Tyler was transported to the hospital and treated, prior to being jailed. He was held on a level 2 felony burglary charge.

The incident remains under investigation and Kokomo Police encourage those with additional information to contact them at 765-456-7017.

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