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Girls Fatally Shoot Suspect After Sexual Assault

BISHOP, TX — A man is dead after allegedly sexually assaulting two female juveniles — they shot him after the assault.

And if he did what it is believed that he did, I couldn’t be happier.

According to the Corpus Christi Caller-Times:

It was Sept. 7 when officers responded to a call about a shooting in the 500 block of E. Joyce Drive in Bishop. Police found the body of Evan Frost, who had two bullet wounds to the head and one in the arm. Durbin on Friday said Frost had been shot with a .22-caliber handgun by two female juveniles who Frost sexually assaulted.

The shooting, he said, was in self-defense. He declined to specify whether one or both of the girls had shot Frost, or their ages, in order to protect the girls’ identities. The home in which Frost was shot was not his residence, police have said.

Police also found four pounds of marijuana and a growing operations inside the home, complete with dehumidifier, fertilizer and filtration systems, Durbin said. Arrests connected to that operation are still possible, he said, as the investigation is ongoing.

There are few things in this world worse than those who take advantage of a woman, and that goes double for juveniles. It’s an act beyond comprehension to most. Generally, when there’s a shooting and someone dies, it’s a tragedy. Even if it’s some thug, it’s still sad. That’s a wasted life that went astray.

But when we get to talking about a sexual assaulter, good riddance. If everything reported is true I only wish the girls had been able to act quicker.

What about you?

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