Went To An AMC Movie Theater Tonight, Saw An Armed Guard. Is This A Thing Now?

It’s not that I wasn’t expecting it, but I kinda wasn’t expecting it.

The lady and I went to see the new Fantastic Beasts movie, of which we both fell asleep for at least a few minutes.

Anyway, the 3-D graphics were nice…

When we were leaving, I noticed a man near the guy who checks everyone’s tickets before they enter the hallway to make their way to the theater. He was wearing a black jacket, and he sure looked like security to me. Then, sure enough, I noticed the firearm on his hip.

I turned and said to Evlin, “Hey, they have an armed security guard here!” She wasn’t all that surprised I guess, but I honestly was.

Maybe it’s where I grew up in NY, which was a safe-as-you-get location, pretty much in the entire United States. But now in Florida, well… we all know how crazy Florida can be.

Was there an armed security guard there because we’re in a not-as-safe-as-you-get location, or is it because crazy people are out there and will sometimes do crazy things? Is it because of what happened in Aurora, Colorado a few years back? Is it because having a good guy with a gun is the best way to stopping a bad guy with a gun?

In any of those cases, I knew one thing was certain; I had my own firearm with me. Just in case.

Is this a new thing? At every location? Maybe I don’t go to the movies a lot.

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