TRAGIC: Teen Thug Murdered Young Father Over a Used Xbox

AURORA, CO — A man was shot and killed after trying to stop a teenager trying to rob him and his wife of their Xbox in a Facebook deal gone wrong, according to the Denver Post.

The teen was to buy the Xbox, but when the couple showed up, he tried to steal it instead. The resulting gunfight saw the teen escape and one of the intended victims dead.

No game console is worth that much — and murder over $250 in goods is just pathetic.

As the Denver Post reports:

An Evergreen man shot and killed in Aurora on Halloween was attempting to sell an Xbox to a teen who contacted him online when the teen opened fire, the victim’s wife said. Jacob Clymer, 32, died on Oct. 31 after the daytime shooting in north Aurora. And his wife, Miranda Clymer, believes he saved her life that day.

The Clymers met the prospective buyer who agreed via Facebook to purchase the console and some games for $250, Miranda Clymer said. When they arrived at the location near Fitzsimmon Junction Apartments, the buyer pulled out a gun and told the couple to hand over the machine, Miranda Clymer said. Jacob then pulled out his own gun and told the buyer, “Let’s not do this,” she said.

The buyer then fired multiple shots, she said. Jacob fell to the ground, bleeding. In a panic, Miranda attempted to save his life but didn’t know what to do because she couldn’t find the bullet wounds. She tried to keep him awake and watched the buyer run away.

She sat her husband up, and then laid him on his side so he wouldn’t choke on his blood, she said.

The would-be robber did not take the Xbox with him, she said. Jacob Clymer was pronounced dead at a local hospital that afternoon. The stay-at-home dad leaves behind his wife and three young children — two daughters and a son.

For the love of all that’s good, people.

If you’ve got a gun on you, don’t give a verbal command. Neutralize the threat. Live to fight another day. Of course Clymer would not have wanted to shoot a teenager but when faced with a deadly threat, these are the decisions that we need to make.

Police arrested a 15-year-old boy on murder charges. Since he is a minor, his name was not made public.

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