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Beaver Falls Woman Fatally Shoots Intruder Under Castle Doctrine

BEAVER FALLS, PA (2-minute read) – A late-night home intrusion in Beaver Falls ended fatally when a local woman, defending her residence, shot an unidentified man who had forcefully entered her home. The incident, which transpired on Wednesday in her 10th Avenue home, involved the homeowner utilizing a 9mm handgun after encountering the intruder in her basement.

Beaver County District Attorney Nate Bible recounted the incident, detailing how the intruder had broken a basement window to gain access. The homeowner, responding to the unusual noises, confronted the stranger directly, ultimately firing three shots that resulted in his death.

Under Pennsylvania’s “castle doctrine,” residents are legally justified in using deadly force to defend their homes against intruders. This law supports the right of homeowners to protect themselves and their property from potential harm or theft.

Currently, the Beaver Falls police, along with county detectives, are conducting an investigation into the incident. However, DA Bible has indicated that it is unlikely that any criminal charges will be filed against the homeowner.

When questioned about alternative means of self-protection for those without firearms, Bible suggested self-defense classes or owning a large dog as viable options for ensuring personal safety.

Firearm Safety Tip: Always store firearms unloaded and locked in a secure location to prevent unauthorized access, especially in homes with children or during large gatherings.

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