Brazen Home Invasion Leads To Shots Fired From Both Sides


FRANCIS, OK — One armed homeowner encountered a pair of thugs in his house in the middle of the night, and one of them opened up on him with four shots.

He missed with all of them.

The homeowner was more than happy to give him a lesson in disciplined firing and shot placement.

As KXII reports:

It was just before 3 a.m. when Dennis Reif heard the commotion in his kitchen.

“I got my gun out of the drawer because I heard someone smashing in here and I saw a flashlight beam,” Reif said.

Reif says he came face to face with Chris Born, who he claims fired four shots at him, but missed. That’s when Reif grabbed his .38 caliber revolver and shot Born twice in the chest.

“I just quickly leveled at him and fired to protect myself and he screamed and yelled he was hit,”Reif said.

“When the shots were fired they dropped everything and left the residence,” Pontotoc County Sheriff John Christian said.

Investigators say Born took off with Dustin Hoots in a pickup, they were caught after a short chase, but Hoots, the second burglary suspect ran off and is still missing. Two other women, Jeanette Matthews and Tara Whittecar were in a separate pickup, and were also arrested. The sheriff says he thinks they were acting as the lookout for Born.

Christian said they found several stolen guns at a local shop building while trying to find Hoots. Christian said Born, a convicted felon, runs the shop and faces felonious possession of a firearm.

You can get as many shots off as you want, thugs, but if you’re not hitting anything you’re just letting the world know where you are and that you’re up to no good.

The .38 caliber rarely gets the credit it deserves these days, but as you can see it works just fine.

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