I’m On A Cruise, And I’ve Reached For My Gun About 20 Times Already

Taking a little break from reality, we decided to take a quick 4 night cruise since we’re so close to a lot of the ports in Florida.

I haven’t been without my gun like this since I started carrying, and I find myself reaching for my gun and holster when getting dressed, changing clothes, or at the end of the day. Even if I’m needing to pick something up off the floor, I’m doing it in a way that would least likely make my firearm print. Even though it’s not even there.

Of course you can’t bring a firearm on a cruise ship, but what happens if something goes wrong? Well, I’m sure there are guns here somewhere, but they sure aren’t in the possession of regular passengers.

The worst part is that I have a firearm sitting in a secure location near the port, but something could still happen with it. I guess it could get stolen at home also. Ah well. I’d rather have it with me.

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